Once upon a time  decking required a whole lot of time and maintenance to keep your boards looking healthy and colourful year after year. Regular timber maintenance was an unwelcome experience for homeowners who had opted for decky décor.

Now that has all changed with the introduction of ‘’no fade’’ decking and the UK has been enjoying long-lasting colour in their outdoor design ever since.

Do the Fitrite decks fade?

Let’s break that down a little – everything fades to a certain degree. Even wood fades – if you’ve ever left an ornament on a wooden sideboard near a window you’ll have had to deal with this! However unlike materials which contain organic materials, PVCu decking is incredibly fade-resistance and capable of maintaining it’s ‘like-new’ looks for many years to come.

Fitrite deckboards will never fade to white – maintaining a rich colour throughout their life, once the boards have weathered the sun for a couple of months they settle at an even, unchanging colour forevermore.

Are Fitrite deckboards fade-proof?

The sun impacts materials at an atomic level, breaking down chemical bonds and fading colours in the process. As such, virtually all man-made materials will suffer some form of fading when exposed to a continued onslaught of onslaught of UV rays.

Our Fitrite deckboards may naturally weather over a long period of time but the colour will always remain, many years ago you may find PVC deckboards completely fading but no longer will this issue arise!

Additional effects of sun on decking

Our Fitrite deckboards have a multi-fin structure inside meaning they have a constant supply of airflow passing through to help prevent warping. This has the added benefit of reducing the heat held within the board – ideal for walking on during this summer sun!

Fitrite decks are also installed with a small gap between each board allowing them to expand naturally in the heat.

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